MOTION PICTURE • Every Last Romance
[CD released March 1998]

Every Last Romance is the inaugural Words On Music release, and the debut album by Motion Picture. The album is a collection of ten heart-achingly skeletal songs of Felt-infused meandering guitar melodies and stately cello lines. The album was recorded as a demo in the band's home recording studio.

The title track features Eric Ostermeier's cautious vocal delivery punctuated by uplifting delayed guitars. "While I Walk You Home" is the most infectious song on the album, propelled by Sarah West's spry cello melodies.

The velvety "Fond Affections For Kaye" is an optimistic reflection on a long lost love. "A Round Sour Morning" alternates between a 5/4 and 6/4 meter, bringing to mind Down Colorful Hill-era Red House Painters. "She Talked, Laughed, And Walked Away," closes the album with a tribute to silver screen goddess Greta Garbo.

Every Last Romance is a fascinating little indie and twee pop endeavor whose charm shines through despite its lo-fi demo production.

Ostermeier draws fine sketches of budding romances, failed romances and romances that never came to pass...this is a promising debut.
-- Rafer Guzman, Option

Ostermeier's discreet whisper is a fitting voice for this art of understated emotions and lulling melodies....Elvis Costello would die to achieve this kind of magic balance and effortless delivery.
-- Piero Scaruffi

The music of Every Last Romance exists as a mood--possibly the summer sparkle of the morning sun off the lake.
-- Benjamin Lacina, Push.
a feed like fishes

1. every last romance (4.25)
2. who you are is not who you were (3.17)
3. a brief look at the unfaithful (4.48)
4. while i walk you home (2.55)
5. fond affections for kaye (3.00)
6. a round sour morning (6.45)
7. forgetting my schoolboy charm (3.43)
8. i can't write love letters (3.58)
9. jane, the neighbor (3.22)
10. she talked, laughed, and walked away (5.44)


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